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Paws4ever Bespoke Service


All services shown on our shopping page are also available as a bespoke service.  We can either come to your home, or you can attend our studio based in GU15.  Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Paws4ever have also taken impression of Cat paws, Rabbit Paws and we are now creating wonderful Horses hoof impressions, which is very exciting.

Our Paws Impressions make wonderful gifts for yourself or a loved one, so versatile to display in your home or office, freestanding or mounted the choice is yours. Call 07720 299 421 for more information.


3D Paw Impressions

(Only suitable for short haired dogs)

We take the impression of your dog paw or paws using Alginate a safe product, however only suitable for short haired dogs.   This process takes longer than 2D casting and is not suitable for all dogs, however we can discuss your requirements prior to an appointment being made.  Once we have the impression of your pet paws, the paws are then Cast, once dry, they are hand sanded, primed and painted.  The finish of the paw is generally in a silver/pewter colour again we can discuss your requirement, they look amazing mounted on a plaque or framed.  Call 07720 299 421 for more information.

Angel Casting Paw and Nose Impressions

We are proud to work with Dignity Pet Crematorium who are an independent, family owned business established in 1992.  Please contact Dignity Pet Crematorium directly if you would like to discuss their services.

Please contact Paws4ever if you would like us to take a nose of paw impression of your pet, whom has passed over.  We understand what a terribly sad and emotional time this is, for anyone who has lost their beloved pet.  At Paws4ever we create paw or nose impression for you to cherish forever, such a wonderful way to hold onto those beautiful, lifelong memories. 

For more information on all of our bespoke services please contact us at 07720 299 421 or email maxine@paws4ever.co.uk.

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